Band Fees

school year 2020-2021

The participation fee will be for all students regardless of your choice of learning platform. This fee will help cover the cost of the following items:
● Instructional Staff
● Show Design and Performance-Related Items
● Supplies for Band Program Instruction
● PPE and Sanitization Products and Supplies
● Program Operations

This fee is significantly reduced from previous years, and reflects the
changes to our marching band format for this school year. It is important to know that our budget from KISD has also been significantly reduced. We are also cognizant of the hardships that many families are facing during this time, and have worked to keep our band participation fee as low as possible. We greatly value the student experience, and are working to provide our members with the best school year we can.

Keller High School Band Participation Fee


2nd Sibling


Due September 25


How can I pay?

KISD Web Store

Keller Embroidery

Since all fees have been dramatically reduced this school year, unfortunately we will not be offering any sibling discounts. All students will need to pay the full amount.

School Instrument Rental


This only applies to those students using KISD school instruments. This fee covers the usage of a marching AND concert instrument. 

Marching Shoes

(Keller Embroidery)

For new members or replacement pairs.


Due September 14


KHS Performance Band Shirt

(Keller Embroidery)

Due September 14

Optional Items:

shirts, hats, bag, masks

(Keller Embroidery)

Colorguard Member Shoes

All colorguard members will wear matching white Keds-style tennis shoes. Mr. Hurley will go over the details in class.

Because the band fees look so different this year, the band fees for a typical school year have been left below.  

Band Fees

school year 2019-2020

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How can I pay?

KISD Web Store (preferred)

Option 1

Speed up your Band Registration Day by getting your fees paid beforehand

Band Registration

Option 2

All of your fees can be paid at registration by check or credit card.  Checks may be made out to "KHS Band"